Neuro_MR_brain: 64 M, r/o sinus infection


64 yo M presenting with concern for sinus infection

Findings / Diagnosis

1. Sinonasal neuroendocrine tumor: T2 isointense mass along the right nasal cavity with enhancement. The mass extends through the nasal septum superiorly to erode through the left lamina papyracea and partially invades the left orbit. There is also extension into the right lamina papyracea and right orbit where it causes mass effect on the right medial rectus muscle. The mass demonstrates mild restricted diffusion, and evidence of hyperperfusion on ASL.

2. Chronic appearing right PCA territory infarct: encephalomalcia with ex vacuo dilation of the occipital horn of the lateral ventricle, and high cortical T1 signal indicative of cortical laminar necrosis.

Accession: CL27388499

Study description: MR Brain w/wo