Neuro_CT_Neck: 7 F, neck pain & fever


CLINICAL HISTORY: 6 years of age, Female, right lateral neck swelling, drooling, trismus, fevers. 


Soft tissues: Normal.

Pharynx/airway: 3.0 x 1.8 x 3.1 cm heterogeneous rim-enhancing collection is seen in the right retropharyngeal space with medial displacement of the right lateral oropharyngeal wall, mildly effacing the right oropharynx. There is nodular enhancing soft tissue at the right posterolateral aspect of the fluid collection, likely representing the solid portion of the suppurative node/abscess. The lesion abuts and displaces the right carotid space laterally. There is a large retropharyngeal effusion. There are enlarged right greater than left reactive cervical lymph nodes.

Major salivary glands: Normal.

Thyroid: Normal.

Lymph nodes: Enlarged reactive right greater than left lymph nodes as above.

Vessels: Patent. Lateral displacement of the right carotid space.

Bones: Normal.

Lung apices: Clear.

Visualized brain parenchyma: Normal.

1.  Large 3.0 x 1.8 x 3.1 cm right retropharyngeal nodal abscess with extracapsular extension, with associated large retropharyngeal effusion and multiple additional reactive right-sided lymph nodes and enlarged adenoidal tissue without additional abscess. Adjacent vasculature is patent.

(Retropharyngeal abscess from suppurative adenitis)

Accession: CL27388490

Study description: Head^NECK (Child)