Neuro_MR_C_Spine: 57 F, history of breast cancer, neck pain.

CLINICAL HISTORY: 57-year-old female with remote history of breast 
cancer. Neck pain.
Alignment: Mild reversal of the cervical lordosis centered at C4-5.
Bone marrow/vertebrae: Small amount of fluid in the C4-C5 disc. Extensive prevertebral phlegmonous inflammatory change is present with circumferential involvement of the paravertebral soft tissues at C4-5. There is edema and enhancement throughout the C4 and C5 vertebral bodies with relative sparing of 
the intervertebral disc. Ventral epidural phlegmon with abscess formation centered at C4-5 which measures 7 mm in maximum thickness, effaces the ventral CSF space and contacts the anterior cord. Mild cord compression, and CSF surrounds the spinal cord posteriorly. Extensive edema within the C4 and C5 vertebral bodies.
Beyond the C4-5 level there is no significant spinal canal or 
foraminal stenosis. 
Stable 5 mm round T2/STIR hyperintense lesion in the anterior superior T2 vertebral body.
Cord: No cord signal abnormality.
Additional comment: None.
1.  Discitis-osteomyelitis centered at C4-5 level accompanied by ventral epidural abscess which effaces the anterior CSF and contacts the ventral cord. No cord signal abnormality. Extensive phlegmonous inflammation within the anterior prevertebral space. Minimal interval loss of disc height at C4-C5.
2.  5 mm rounded T2 hyperintense lesion in the anterior superior T2 
vertebral body. This may represent an atypical hemangioma; however, 
infection is not entirely excluded.

(C4-C5 disciitis-osteomyelitis with epidural abscess)

Accession: CL27388469

Study description: MR SPINE REFERENCE ONLY