Neuro_MR_Brain: 11 F, HA and fever


11 yo F presenting with 2 weeks of headache and fever.

Findings / Diagnosis

1. Extensive filling defects representative of septic thrombophlebitis secondary to pansinusitis. Thrombophlebitis distribution includes bilateral cavernous sinuses, superior ophthalmic veins, superior/inferior petrosal sinuses, retroclival venous plexus, bilateral jugular bulbs, and internal jugular veins.

2. Right greater than left orbital cellulitis with sinusitis and septic thrombophlebitis of the superior ophthalmic veins with early subperiosteal extension of sinus disease within the medial right orbit.

3. Abnormal dural enhancement involving the anterior cranial fossa, and bilateral tentorial leaflets. Associated restricted diffusion in these regions. Findings are concerning for developing skull base osteomyelitis.

(Skull base osteomyelitis with cavernous sinus thrombosis)

Accession: CL27388458

Study description: MR Brain w/wo