Neuro_MR_Brain&Neck: 66 F, s/p EVAR with blood per lumbar drain


66 yo F s/p endovascular aortic repair with lumbar drain draining blood concerning for subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Findings / Diagnosis

1. Severe stenosis/occlusion of the right common carotid artery at its origin with partial reconstituition of the cervical right ICA. Consider evaluation with CTA of the neck to further evaluate for occlusive thrombus or dissection.

2. Hypoperfusion of the right MCA territory most severe in the anterior division, with 81 ml calculated of at risk tissue (Tmax and ADC mismatch).

3. Scattered bilateral subarachnoid hemorrhage which is likely from lumbar source.

(Right common carotid occlusion after EVAR)

Accession: CL27388442

Study description: MR Brain Neck Arteries w/wo Stroke