Neuro_CT_Head: 13 M, HA 5 days after soccer ball to head


13 year old M presenting with HA after soccer ball to the head

Findings / Diagnosis

1. Acute hemorrhage centered in the region between the frontal horns/septum pellucidum, and extending inferiorly within the brain parenchyma of the inferior frontal lobes.

2. Large posterior fossa fluid attenuating space consistent with either arachnoid or Blake's pouch cyst. Additionally, cerebellar vermis hypoplasia, and communication of fourth ventricle with aforementioned posterior fossa fluid attenuation. Latter constellation can be representative of Dandy-Walker malformation spectrum.

(Intraventricular hemorrhage, suspect microAVM)

Accession: CL27388426

Study description: Head^ROUTINE_HEAD (Adult)