Neuro_CT_Neck: 55 F, neck pain.

CLINICAL HISTORY: 55 years of age, Female, recently hospitalized in November for retropharyngeal phlegmon complicated by MSSA bacteremia. Concern for recurrent phlegmon and/or abscess development.
Soft tissues: No retropharyngeal collection.
Pharynx/airway: There is retropharyngeal edema. There is no parapharyngeal collection or prevertebral fluid. The nasopharynx, hypopharynx, larynx, and trachea are normal.
Major salivary glands: Normal.
Thyroid: Normal.
Cervical lymph nodes: Scattered subcentimeter lymph nodes are present in the neck bilaterally, none of which is pathological by size or morphologic criteria.
Vessels: Patent.
Bones: Cortical irregularity of the anterior arch of C1 and tip of the dens.
Lung apices: Clear.
Additional comment: None.
1. Cortical irregularity of the anterior arch of C1 and tip of the dens, concerning for an active infectious process and concerning for associated ligamentous laxity.

2. Retropharyngeal edema without retropharyngeal collection to suggest drainable abscess.

(Septic atlantodental arthritis)

See: MRI

Accession: CL27388358

Study description: CT NECK REFERENCE ONLY