Neuro_CT_Head/Neck: 18 M, unresposive after GSW to head.

1.  Large acute left holohemispheric subdural hemorrhage with possible small underlying subarachnoid hemorrhage, significant mass effect including 1.3 cm midline shift, subfalcine herniation, and downward transtentorial herniation. Rounded area of of less dense hemorrhage immediately adjacent to depressed fracture fragment may represent active hemorrhage.

2.  Comminuted, mildly depressed left parasagittal frontal bone fracture with medial margin approaching the superior sagittal sinus, and with associated bullet fragments in the overlying scalp.

3.  No abnormality of the cervical spine.

(Large subdural hematoma)

Accession: CL0373

Study description: CT Head C-Spine wo Trauma