Neuro_CTA_CAP: 36 M, Jumped from golden gate bridge.


1.  Comminuted three column compression and Chance fracture of T12 with 5 mm retropulsion into the spinal canal, with involvement of the posterior elements.  There is paravertebral swelling, with no definite epidural hematoma. No severe canal or neuroforaminal narrowing.

2.  Burst fracture through the T8 vertebral body with 20% vertebral body height loss and no retropulsion, but with the fracture extending in to the left T8 pedicle. 

3.  Compression fracture in the T6 vertebral body with close to 30% vertebral body height loss and no retropulsion. 

4.  Additional mild compression fractures of T5 and L1 with no retropulsion

5.  Multiple transverse process fractures involving the right T9 through T11 and left T5-T8, T11, and T12

6.  Minimally displaced fractures of the right third through seventh and left fourth through twelfth ribs.


1.  Intraparenchymal splenic hematoma with active extravasation

2.  Mildly displaced fracture through the left L1 transverse process.


1.  No main pulmonary artery or segmental pulmonary artery embolism.

2.  Multiple left greater than right rib fractures with bilateral pulmonary contusions.

3.  Interval decrease in the left pneumothorax status post chest tube placement.

4.  Small left pleural effusion.

5.  T12 Chance fracture with 5 mm of retropulsion into the spinal canal, burst fracture of T8, and compression fracture of T6.

(Multiple vertebral fractures)

Accession: CL0362

Study description: CT Abd Pel w