Neuro_MR_Brain: 36 M, AMS following displaced femoral fracture

1.  Innumerable foci of diffusion restriction involving mainly supratentorial white matter and deep gray nuclei, many of which are associated with focal areas of FLAIR hyperintensity. Innumerable microhemorrhages are also identified in both infratentorial and supratentorial brain. These findings are most consistent with fat embolization syndrome in this clinical setting.

2.  Suggestion of cortical high signal on diffusion-weighted imaging and low signal on ADC map, concerning for possible superimposed global hypoxicischemic injury. This can be correlated with clinical circumstances surrounding the patient's fall and his GCS in the field, as well as with his current clinical status..

3.  No flow-limiting stenosis. No hydrocephalus or brain herniation. 

(Fat emboli syndrome)

Accession: CL0361

Study description: MR Brain w/wo