Neuro_CT_Head/Face: 70 F, orbital trauma.

1.  Right frontal laceration with soft tissue contusion of the right face.

2.  Right globe deformity, compatible with ruptured globe. Right-sided glaucoma shunt is present. Adjacent density in the preseptal region may represent associated bleb versus hematoma in the setting of trauma. No retro-orbital hematoma.

3.  Minimally displaced fractures of the right orbital floor and lateral orbital wall. Fracture involves the infraorbital canal, correlate for involvement of cranial nerve V2. No imaging evidence of extraocular muscle herniation, correlate for entrapment.

4.  Minimally displaced fracture of the posterior wall of the right maxillary sinus. Minimal dehiscence of the right nasomaxillary suture.

(Globe rupture with glaucoma filtration device)

Accession: CL0355

Study description: JH