Neuro_CT_Head/CS: 58 M, fell off cliff.

HISTORY: Unknown age patient post fall with vision loss to the right eye and laceration. Additional history of medical record notable for fall from tree that was cliff side, with fall between 200 to 400 ft. down cliff. Positive loss of consciousness for unknown amount of time.


Findings of cervical hyperflexion injury with distraction including fracture of the left lateral mass of C6 with jumped left C5-6 facet and perched right facet, mild focal kyphosis at this level, fanning of the C5-6 spinous processes and 5 mm of anterolisthesis of C5 on C6. Recommend CTA neck to exclude vertebral artery injury, and MRI of the cervical spine to evaluate for any cord or ligamentous injury. 

Occipital scalp soft tissue swelling. High right parietal scalp hematoma and laceration. Few punctate radiopaque densities are seen overlying the right parietal scalp (series 3 images 61) correlate for foreign bodies.  No underlying calvarial fracture.

No acute intracranial abnormality.

(Jumped facet and perched facet)

Accession: CL0353

Study description: CT HEAD AND C-SPINE