Neuro_CTA_Head/Neck: 94 M, MVC.

1.  Acute C2 fracture involving the posterior dens and left lateral mass and involving the left foramen transversarium, and right lamina and facet with intra-articular involvement. Focal caliber change of the adjacent vertebral artery may be entirely due to kinking from vessel turn as well as calcified atherosclerotic plaque, superimposed arterial injury is difficult to exclude given proximity to fracture. No flow-limiting stenosis.

2.  Acute anterior superior C3 vertebral body fracture.

3.  Circumferential hyperdensity in the upper cervical canal concerning for epidural hematoma given adjacent fracture, with apparent complete effacement of the CSF. This would be better assessed on MRI.

(C2 and C3 fractures with thin epidural hematoma)

Accession: CL0352

Study description: CT Neck Angio w/wo