Neuro_CTA_Head/Neck: 34 M, fell off roof, s/p bifrontal craniectomy.

1. Status post bifrontal craniectomies with interval improvement of previously seen uncal herniation and basal cisternal effacement.

2. Interval blooming of multiple intraparenchymal contusions involving the bilateral frontal, left temporal, and right temporal occipital lobes, with increase in surrounding edema.

3. Increase in extra-axial hemorrhage dependently in the posterior fossa. Otherwise, extensive extra-axial hemorrhage including bifrontal subarachnoid hemorrhage and right holohemispheric subdural hemorrhage are stable from prior exam. New small amount of intraventricular hemorrhage.

4. Traumatic thrombosis of the right transverse sinus.

5. Redemonstration of comminuted fractures of the right calvarium centered on the right temporal bone as above described. No involvement of the right ossicles or labyrinth.

6. Increase in anterior mediastinal hematoma likely from venous injury, partially visualized.

7. Diminutive caliber of the internal carotid arteries. No evidence of traumatic arterial injury.

(Extensive TBI)

Accession: CL0351

Study description: CT ANGIO HEAD AND NECK