Mucinous rectal lesion 9185934

MR dated 4/10/2017

Follow up MRI demonstrates a lesion measuring at least 13.7 cm x 11.9 cm x 25.4 cm. This lesion is largely T2 hyperintense with some heterogeneity.

Again seen is the fistulous communication with the bladder which now contains gas. This is also nicely seen on the axial images.

A few scattered prominent lymph nodes are present. The upper abdomen is not imaged in this exam.

A large cauliflower-like rectal lesion is noted in this exam. There is an apparent fistulous connection with the large T2 hyperintense lesion. 

The rectal lesion is also nicely seen on coronal imaging.

The rectal lesion demonstrates avid enhancement. 

The mucinous component also demonstrates heterogenous enhancement.

Accession: CL0070

Study description: MR Pelvis with and without Contrast