Von Hippel Lindau - 8708239

MRI dated 8/17/2016

Multilobulated, thick septated T2 hyperintense lesion in the left interpolar region. Thick septae are nicely appreciated on coronal imaging. Measuring 3.1cm. Significant enhancement is noted on postcontrast imaging.

Pancreatic head lesion demonstrating avid enhancement on arterial phase imaging measuring 3 cm. Increased signal on diffusion weighted imaging. Prominent portocaval lymph nodes.

Mildly hyperenhancing nodule in the lateral limb of the left adrenal gland measuring 4mm.

1.3cm left inferior pole lesion demonstrating drop out on out of phase imaging.

Small enhancing nodules along the spine.

Accession: CL0067

Study description: MR Abdomen with and without Contrast