Neuro_CT_Head: 37 F, stroke code

Non-contrast CT head

History: 37 year old female, stroke code, left-sided weakness.

Pertinent findings:

Dense MCA sign: Hyperdensity within the right MCA, extending into the superior M2 division.

Loss of gray white differentiation: Hypodensity of the gray matter within the right M2 anterior division territory, including the right posterior frontal lobe, insula, and lentiform nucleus.


1. Findings consistent with right superior MCA territory infarction.

2. Dense vessel sign consistent with large vessel occlusion of the superior division of the right M2 branch.

Further imaging:

The patient went on to undergo CTA of the head and neck, and stroke protocol MRI, which confirmed the above findings, with acute thrombotic occlusion of the superior M2 division of the right MCA, corresponding perfusion abnormality, and acute infarction throughout that territory in the distribution described above.

Further reading
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Accession: CL0036

Study description: Head^OUR_PERFUSION_PROTOCOL (Adult)